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In the era of global business, cultural insensitivity is not only foolish, it’s expensive. 

Cross-Cultural Dialogues Craig Storti, 1994


Modern globalization has put more people from different cultures in contact with each other than ever before. No one wants to ignore the great potential available for working with new geographical target groups; however, there are always subtle challenges present when translating local success to foreign markets.


cross-culture success helps you avoid conflicts and dramatically increase your chance of success!


  • improve communication by eliminating misunderstandings
  • save time and money by avoiding mistakes
  • increase both employee and customer motivation and commitment
  • learn practical strategies to solve and prevent conflicts


Whether with customers, subsidiaries or distribution partners, we will help you increase your confidence to maximize your Return-On-Investment!


Explore our various training interventions to see exactly how cross-culture success can help you become more interculturally competent!


Intercultural competence is a key competence of the 21st century.

Interkulturelle Kompetenzen, Erfolgreich kommunizieren zwischen den Kulturen 

Astrid Erll & Marion Gymnich, September 2007

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