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After residing in Germany and traveling around Europe for many years, quite a bit has been added to my life's resume. Whether it was in my trainings, during daily activities, or in my intercultural marriage and family, I've had to learn how to successfully deal with cultural differences.


Achieving clear communication between people has always been my goal, but simply knowing a country's "do's and don'ts" and the ability to speak the local language only helped to an extent. In order for me to achieve intercultural competence it was necessary to first find out how to gain respect in "the other culture." I learned to look "behind the scenes" in order to understand people's behavior. Using this knowledge when building relationships has played an important role in the success and happiness of my life here on a continent which has become my second home.


In my trainings we positively approach this topic by first focusing on our own culture; only by doing this can we then imagine how other people see us. With this perspective we are able to better understand other cultures and then act/react accordingly. In interesting and varied programs, participants in my seminars learn about well-known cultural models, personally experience assimilations and analyze critical incidents with self-reflection and discussion. Finding practical solutions to current or future challenges brings my trainings to a successful close.


I offer seminars in English, German or bilingual format.


Nancy Rienow is a certified intercultural trainer / coach and member of Sietar Deutschland.

Trainer Nancy Rienow Trainer Nancy Rienow

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