Successful in Intercultural Business - for anyone who works with people from other cultures (customers, suppliers, colleagues, etc.), and would like to better understand and improve communication with them. more...


Intercultural Trade Fair Training - for everyone who would like to refine his/her performance and communication with intercultural visitors. more...


Competent in International English - for business people who would like to perfect their communication in English. more...


Expatriation Training - USA - for employees (and partners) as preparation for the assignment abroad. more...


Working Effectively with US-Americans - for people who have US-American customers or who work with American suppliers or colleagues. more...


Working Effectively with Germans - for anyone who plans to work with Germans either from abroad or in Germany, and would like to optimize this business relationship. more...


Country Specific Training - for employees who would like to better understand and improve communication with intercultural business contacts. more...

Countries focused on:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Brasil
  • China
  • India
  • Italy
  • the Netherlands
  • Uruguay


cross-culture success trainings are tailored to meet your individual needs.  They are presented in German, English or in bilingual format.



Trainer Nancy Rienow Trainer Nancy Rienow

cross-culture success

Inhaber: Kersten Rienow

Trainerin: Nancy Rienow


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